Trash and storm damage major issues in city

Residents in Lansing at 415 West Barnes Avenue have been concerned about trash dumping in the alleyways on their property.  Councilwoman Houghton discussed the issue with these residents about possible ways of resolving the problem.

“The alleyways even if you aren’t using that you’re still responsible for that property,” said Houghton.

The residents must take responsibility for those alleyways despite trash not being their own, in a unanimous vote to deny the motion to proceed for further discussion and resolution for this matter.

    Another property at Kessler Dr. has been an issue with residents in transition. One family member is moving in from one place to another and trash has continued to accumulate in the garage. The council also unanimously voted to deny the motion and the residents were told that the trash is their responsibility.

Lansing underwent a significant amount of damage because of the major windstorms. Randy Williams reported that the city received around 80 complaints of tree damage from the windstorm the night of Nov. 17th and the Board of Water and Light reported that there were 700 customers without power for about two days. 16 roads had been blocked by trees and six private driveways were blocked. Most damage was equally widespread throughout the Lansing area. Residents were instructed to leave any unwanted debris on the side of the road.

Williams also reported that there would be a leaf pushing operation to remove any leaves fallen in the streets unable to be raked.



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